Three Things That Cause A Noisy Garage Door

Garage doors are heavy, have numerous moving parts, and are used many times during the day. Sooner or later, these moving parts are going to start making all kinds of odd noises, including some noises that are almost unnerving. There are usually only a few things that can cause garage doors to make all the noise.


These moving parts need lubrication, and a lack of lubrication can create noise. When you lift a garage door, you can tell just how heavy they are. When you look at the door from inside the garage, you can see all those moving parts. These moving pieces have to be able to slide and move easily.

If any of those parts lack proper lubrication, they can create all sorts of squeals and noises. If these parts aren’t lubricated in time, they can start to stick, making it harder to open the door. Ignoring the problem could cause the garage door to freeze and not open or close any longer.

It is best if you lubricate these moving parts at least once per year. The parts that need lubricating are the bearings, hinges, rollers, and frame grooves where the rollers move through. The best types of lubricants are white lithium grease or silicone spray. WD-40 can help get something unstuck, but it’s not a proper lubricant.


The rollers are found along each side of the garage door. They are what carry the door up and down along the rails of the door’s frame. These rollers can wear out due to the weight of the door and friction. As they wear out, the rollers will bump and bounce in the rails every time the door is opened and closed.

If you’ve ever tried to open the garage door only to have it stop halfway open, there is a good chance the rollers are worn out. Metal rollers will make much more noise than nylon rollers will. The more worn out they are, the more noise they will make.

Rollers should last about 10 years. If your garage door is older than this, you should consider having a garage door service replace the rollers with nylon rollers.

Chain Drive Operators

Chain drive garage doors are the most common and dependable and also cause the most noise. Other types are belt drive and screw drive. As the door opens and closes, the chain drive will rattle and bang against the metal rails.

When a chain drive operator starts to wear out, pieces can break off, which causes the chain to bounce, making them even nosier. You will need to call a garage door company to replace it.

Consider replacing the chain drive with a screw or belt drive operator. Belt drives create minimal vibrations and have fewer moving parts to break. Screw drives use plastic-lined tracks that reduce the noise level.

Don’t wait for your garage door to stop working completely. For repairs or a new door, you should call a garage door repair company like Custom Carriage House Doors.

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